Mrs. Ramos' Third Grade



Getting to Know Our Class

First Week of Third Grade

Leaf Walk

Grandparents Day

Have You Filled Your Bucket?

Best Day Ever

Reading Strategies

Saving Sam

Walking on Air

Spider/Insect Pictures

Zoo Pictures

Counting Pumpkin Seeds

Halloween Pictures

Animal Reports



Math Fun

Valentine's Day

AR Bowling Party

Play Ball

Organism Posters

Think Like a Scientist

Static Electricity

Making Rubber

Field Trip - Harriet Tubman Freedom Train

Celebrating Dr. Seuss' Birthday

Chapter Book Challenge Party

Reader's Theater

Science Experiments

Our Giant Creations

Volunteer Celebration


Beach Party




Easy Science for Kids

PARCC Practice Testing

Telling Time Egg Scramble

Mrs. Russ

Math Connects

Grammar Gorilla

Spelling City

Study Island

Toys R Us



Mastery Club

Cahokia Mounds

Reading Skills Rocket

Quia - Inference Battleship

Kids' Place: Houghton Mifflin Reading: Grade 3

Quia - What Can You Infer?

Our Language Book Link


St. Louis Zoo

Dig It!



Chromebook Links

Map of Illinois Cities
Governor Home Page
State Symbols of Illinois
Illinois Economy
Illinois State Flag
Illinois State Almanac
Under the Sea Game
Carl's Cookie Capers
Britannica Math Game
Space Arrays
Top Marks Division
ICT Games
Study Zone Multiplication


Rocks and Mineral Sites

Science Links

Reading Links

Websites to Boost Your Brain Power!

Multiplication Games

Weather Links

Young Meteorologist

Climate Kids - Nasa

Kids Crossing

Hawthorn Home