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Salem Elementary School District #111

is a K-8 public school in Salem, Illinois, US


United States of America

2016-2017 Junior High Art Theme:



Famous American Artists:

Andy Warhol        Namuth - Pollock.jpg        Georgia O'Keeffe.jpg                 

     Andy Warhol                      Jackson Pollock                     Georgia O'Keefe                Roy Lichtenstein



In the classroom, students will learn hands on activities relating to a predetermined country. Then, students will learn appropriate art methods and concepts. Next, the students will learn about the culture of that specific country. Finally, students will learn about the art appreciation that is relevant to that specific country.

This web site is set up by Mr. Mallow as an extending learning experience for students and parent's alike. The web site is full of art projects (created in the classroom), educational games, and curriculum based information.






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