Hawthorn School

1300 Hawthorn Road

Salem, IL 62881




Hawthorn School is a school with any eye on the future. Fostering lifelong learning skills which equip all students to adapt to life's many changes is one of our key goals. In an effort to teach our students to become lifelong learners, we at Hawthorn encourage them to become self-starters, self-directed learners, and team players! Giving primary students the tools to make learning an enjoyable adventure becomes possible through teaching information finding skills, using technology in the classroom, and providing authentic learning experiences. The staff at Hawthorn School strives to make school a positive experience where the quest for knowledge never ends and the excitement of that first day of school lingers throughout a lifetime of learning.

Hawthorn School opened in 1971. It has one floor, all classrooms are carpeted and the building is air-conditioned. It has 19 classrooms, multipurpose room,  library learning center,  3 title I rooms and a computer lab. We have a temporary building that houses 2 classrooms. The  fenced in playground is located just north of the building.

Hawthorn School has over 430 students in grades  Kindergarten, 1, 2, and 3 plus one special education class. The professional staff consists of a full-time superintendent, a principal,  20 classroom teachers, 3 title I teachers, a LD teacher, a CC teacher, a music teacher, an art teacher, a pe teacher,  a counselor, a social worker, and a health aide. We have four full-time teacher assistants, two part-time teacher assistants, a bookkeeper,  a computer tech., a full time school secretary and a part time school secretary.

Hawthorn School stresses the basic skills of reading, math, language arts, science, social studies, art, music, computer, library, and daily physical education.

All pupils in the third grade are given the Illinois Goal Assessment Program tests. At the first grading period, parent-teacher conferences are held over a two-day period. A challenge program is provided to qualified pupils in second and third grades. Speech/Language services, learning disability and other special services are available through the Kaskaskia Special Education District. We have Title 1 services and Reading Recovery.

Grade level field trips are planned throughout the school year, parent volunteers assist in a variety of programs at Hawthorn. Parents are an important and valued part of Hawthorn School.