Pumpkin Days


Pumpkin Math collecting data and making a bar graph


We tasted different foods made from pumpkin including pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pudding, pumpkin pie and pumpkin milkshakes.  Our favorite pumpkin food was pumpkin milkshakes.  We collected our data by using tally charts.  We took our data and made a bar graph.  The graph was titled Our favorite way to eat pumpkin.  Pumpkin pudding ran a close second to pumpkin milkshakes.  J


Pumpkin reading


We had a reading titled Pumpkin Pumpkin. We did a close read on the reading.  We read it once for enjoyment.  We read it again with a partner to come up with questions about the reading and unfamiliar vocabulary.  Then we read the story again in a group to find out facts to share about the reading. 


Pumpkin science/math


We did a qualitative and quantitative observation of our pumpkins.  We divided into groups of 5 and named our pumpkins.   After naming our pumpkins we did our qualitative observation by using our senses.  We made a chart listing the senses and used the words that students came up with to describe the pumpkin using descriptive words.


Our qualitative observation included taking our pumpkins and estimating how many seeds were inside.  We measured the circumference of the pumpkins, weighed them, counted the ribs, and then pulled out the pulp to count all of the seeds.  Our activities went along with the book How many seeds in a Pumpkin?  We found out the more ribs a pumpkin has, the more seeds it has.  We used counting by 2ís, 5ís and 10ís to count our seeds. 


After cleaning up from the pumpkin, we watched a video on how a pumpkin grows.

 We then had our fall party which was fun for all!